Dog Training & Boarding



We believe that boarding should be a fun experience for your dog and a stress-free decision for you.

We believe that many of the same fundamentals that would look for in a hotel also apply when selecting a boarding facility for your pet.

We operate two kenneling facilities. The Farm, located in Chanthaburi, is our country club location, specially designed for long term stays. The rooms offer relaxed luxury  –  vaulted ceilings, imported non-slip tiles, excellent air circulation (or air conditioning in our VIP suites). Each room is self-contained for privacy and relaxation. Single rooms are 2.5 x 3.5 meters in size. VIP rooms are 3 x 3.5 meters in size and can comfortably accommodate 2 or more dogs.
Each room is furnished with beds (or you can provide your dog’s own bed from home), stainless steel water dishes with continuously refreshed drinking water. Rooms are mosquito-proofed and are thoroughly sanitized daily to provide a clean and safe environment.
The boarding facilities are located outside Bangkok in beautiful Soi Dao, Chanthaburi. The weather is cool, the air is clean and we have lots of room for dogs to roam and run. The property is on 5 rai, completely enclosed and safe and secure. This is a family estate with lots of people and children keeping your dog company throughout the day.

The Camp is our Bangkok facility and is designed for short term stays and for our boarding students. At The Camp your dog will be getting lots of exercise, training and human attention. At this location we address behavior modification, toilet training, correction of manners, obedience training and other activities that will keep your dog busy all day long.

Both facilities are manned by our staff 24/7.

We provide round-trip transportation for your pet. Our pick-up and delivery service makes boarding easy and convenient for you.


What Are The Prices?

(Effective 1 January 2017)

Room Type


Daily Rate

Over 30 Days

Over 60 Days

Standard Room


750 THB

650 THB

550 THB


1100 THB

1000 THB

825 THB


1450 THB

1350 THB

1100 THB

A/C Room


950 THB

850 THB

750 THB


1300 THB

1200 THB

1000 THB


1650 THB

1550 THB

1300 THB



 1000 THB

Door-to-door pick up & delivery

To make your life easier, we pick up and deliver your dog(s) right at your door step. This service is free for long term boarding.

Greater Bangkok

2,000 THB


3,500 THB

Hua Hin

4,500 THB

Other Locations

Contact for quote


What Should I Expect?

Boarding can be a stressful undertaking for both dog and owner.

We will try to take the anxiety out of boarding by providing you with some of the experience that we have gathered over 20 years with thousands of dogs staying with us for a combined total of more than 20,000 boarding nights.

We adhere to a fixed routine and schedule. This predictability keeps all our guests calm and relaxed. Within a few days of arriving your pet will know and be used to this routine. By survey of our clients, we’ve found that when your pet returns home, he will be calmer and may have broken some bad habits.

What Will Be My Dog’s Schedule?

A typical day begins at 5am. Each pet is given run of the yard on his own (or with his companion).

During this break, those that have a morning meal will be fed. The rooms are cleaned and disinfected (we use Simple Green, but an organic treatment that is even more gentle can be used for those with sensitive skin). The water bowls is cleaned and replenished with clean water. After we complete the room make-up, we spend the remainder of the time playing or giving company to your dog. Some dogs require a walk, some chase a ball, some just need attention and some hugs and companionship. The steadfast rule is that no dog is returned to his kennel until he is tired.

Your dog will get 3 more times in the yard throughout the day.  The afternoon breaks are generally short as the rooms are much cooler than outside. During each break, a spot clean is done of the room, and water is replenished.

The evening breaks are often meal times. We try to accomodate all types of schedules, and we will check with you about regular meal times and toilet breaks.

In the evening everyone is returned to their rooms until morning.

Can I Send Our Own Food/What Do You Prepare?

You can provide your dog’s usual food. If your dog is on a special diet or prefer that they stay on their own food we will accommodate at no extra charge.

We serve raw diet.

How Do I Prepare My Dog For Boarding?

We require nothing that shouldn’t be a normal part of your dog’s health routine. Your pet should be treated for fleas and ticks with an effective medication at least 3 days before boarding. All vaccinations must be current (Rabies, Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitus, Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough). Your dog should also be treated for heartworm.

Beds, cushions and toys are available and will be provided for your dog. If you would like to send toys or bedding, we will accept these and provide them to your pet but cannot be responsible for their loss or damage.

What About Special Needs?

We do our best to accommodate any special needs that your dog may have.  We understand that every dog is different and will do our utmost to provide a healthy and stress-free stay.

Medications, vitamins or ointments will be administered at no extra charge. While all possible care is given to each pet, if your dog has health problems, consider boarding him at a veterinary hospital. The stress of being away from home can exacerbate existing medical conditions.

Pets with contagious diseases are not accepted for boarding.

Can I Visit My Pet?

We make a serious effort to provide a calm environment and an uninterrupted daily routine. In our experience, visitors tend to create stress for all our guests. For that reason we discourage visitors.

To fill the need for those that would like to see what the  facilities look like, we can provide a link to a video tour of the premises. We also provide references of our clients and a personal meeting with the kennel owner can be arranged.

We provide regular updates by email along with photographs of their pets at play.

We provide a pick up and delivery service.   We provide this service anywhere in Greater Bangkok, and Eastern Seaboard areas (Pattaya, Jomtien, Rayong, etc). We regularly pick-up and deliver to Suvarnabhumi International Airport.