Transportation Services


Moving house can be one of the most difficult times in life. When your cherished pets are involved, it can be even more stressful and complicated.

 As experienced trainers and animal care-givers, our primary concern is the safety and comfort of your pet. This means one-on-one attention and care for your pet throughout the move process. Our unique and specialized experience and know-how in the field of animal care means you can be assured that every aspect of your pet’s move will be carried out with consideration for their safety.

K-9 Air Transport Service provides full-service pet move assistance. We handle every aspects of transporting pets across international borders to/from the Kingdom of Thailand, including:

–        Pre-approved Import Permits

–        Customs Clearance and Importation Procedures

–        Export Permits & Government Health Certificates

–        European Pet Travel Scheme Moves

–        United Kingdom Quarantine-free Relocations

–        Australian & New Zealand Pet Moves

–        Flight Booking, Veterinary Services, Moving Supplies and Products


World-wide Service

No matter the destination we can help make your pet’s move as simple and stress-free as possible. We know that every move is as unique as the personality of your beloved pet. We work with your local veterinarian, relocation company and the best cargo agencies in Thailand.


What Our Clients Say


Dear Patrick, 
Yeah he has arrived safely! Was a little sorry for himself but once he saw the children he was back to his old self which is wonderful. I have just got in and he is busy checking the place out. 

Thanks again for everything – you have no idea what a difference you have made to us all.  Our place finally feels like home. Finally a chapter is closed and we can enjoy being together in Prague.
With kindest regards,


Thank you so much for taking such great care of her, we are so grateful. She is very happy and seems to be totally untraumatised by the whole thing. We are so happy to have her back and have the whole family complete again!

Thanks a million,





I just want to say thank you so much to you for making a very hard time so much more manageable. Everything went so smoothly, both in Bangkok and on the way home to Portugal. When we arrived, the vet said they were in excellent condition, all the forms filled out perfectly and in order, the customs in Lisbon went very well and we were on our way South within 2 hours. All like clock-work – great stuff!

Anyway, thanks again and will be posting photos on Facebook soon.

Thank you Patrick for making everything ok.



Hi Patrick,

DAO arrived very well in Zurich and she is already inspecting her new garden!
Thanks again for a great job!

Kind regards

K & H



Hi Patrick,
She made it and is now sitting on the back of the couch relaxing and happy to be with us!
Thanks again for taking such good care of Sophie…you are the best!



Duke has arrived safe and sound. Attached is a picture of him and his Mom my wife on our way back to San Antonio. He is laying down right next to me here in our living room. Thanks for everything and for taking care of our Duke and getting him safely back to his family. I will send more pictures later.



About the journey, the start in Bangkok was fantastic with you and your son Guinness’ help. We couldn’t have asked for more!!

Thanks for all your help! We were amazed at you and Guinness’ help in Bangkok but we also became even more appreciative after experiencing things on the China end.


J & M


Hi Patrick.

Just wanted to let you know (belatedly!) that Alfie and Oscar both arrived at Heathrow OK. We picked them up the following day and Oscar had eaten and seemed quite laid back. They are both with us at my friend’s house at the moment and have settled well. Oscar is loving running free in the cornfields and on the common and Alfie has made friends in the local cat community! Hope all is well with you in Bangkok and thank you very much once again for your help in getting the pets over here.



Hi Patrick

Yes thanks they made it safe! Picked up at 11.00 yesterday after their overnight stay. Dog fine – cat a bit quiet and traumatised but making up for it now!

Very many thanks for all your help. I will be sure to recommend you.

Best wishes



Thanks for everything. Who knows–we may be back in a few years…




I think I love you for caring so much. Just got phone working today. They are all perfect :). They just love the Aga (oven) which is on all the time.  Vince almost drowned in the fish pond on his first day but he’s ok.  They  SO love it here. We can see salmon leaping in the river from the huge garden. Will send pics soon. Thank you again for everything. 




Thank you very much mate and thanks for everything made so simple.

You can tell the kennel manager he is doing very well, getting plenty of exercise and eating loads!

OK mate no problem at all! And awesome news!! Tyson is eating loads here now think the weather agrees with him!

Thanks a lot mate!!

Thank you so much! He is amazing! He was jumping all over me when they brought him out – crazy dog !!!
Thanks so much again – so happy, luckily it’s a really nice day so had really nice walk through the country side with his squeaky ball, love it!