Companion Protection Training



The Companion Protection Dog


As the name implies, the companion protectijames-and-kids-croplron dog is a family pet whose function goes beyond that of being a simple companion. Safe, but trained to protect you and your loved ones and property when the need arises.

The utility dog is trained for unique tasks. Whether it be performing a job out of necessity for a family, a private or a government agency or merely for the enjoyment of dog and master to expand their training and experience, K-9 Bangkok can assist.

K-9 Bangkok has a tuition program for all types of training and selection of dogs for working purposes. Many of our dogs work as security for private homes and some have been employed by government staff.


Our partners in the Unkalan-1-lrited States and Australia can provide top working dogs – both untrained puppies and fully trained adult dogs. K-9 Dog Training also provides training for dogs with specialized requirements, be it anything from security or watch dogs for use in private homes to detector dogs for use by law enforcement agencies or the armed forces.





Due to the requirements demanded of trainer, owner and canine, this discreet, one-on-one training is available to only a select few qualified dogs and owners.


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