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About Us

K9 Dog Training Bangkok was founded in 1997 by Patrick Bundock and DW Schmidtke. Their goal was to offer Bangkok dog owners the best of modern training techniques. For over a decade, K9 Bangkok provided customized private training for individuals. In 2003, they also began teaching in a group class format.


Patrick Bundock is an American dog trainer and behaviorist. From 5 generations of dog trainers and handlers, Patrick has resided in Thailand for 26 years. His primary focus has been dog behavior modification and obedience training and is frequently called upon to perform specialized training programs throughout the country and the region. From 1996 – 2017, Patrick trained or provided behavior consultation for over 7,000 dogs in Thailand and surrounding countries, in both group and private curriculum format, including tackling some of the hardest cases with his Reform School for Dogs & Owners program.
In April 1995, he worked with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations Canine Search and Rescue Unit during the Oklahoma City bombing. In 1997, he consulted for the Royal Thai Police K9 Unit for a special course on law enforcement working dogs.

In 2013 he delivered a training course for the Suvarnibhumi international airport quarantine inspection and detection handlers and canines. He was a consultant to Soi Dog and Cat Rescue, specializing in socialization and behavior modification and preparing dog owners to better understand their adopted rescued dogs.
Patrick has wrangled dogs for a number of films, commercials and events including the event release of Dr. Doolittle by 20th Century Fox, Greenies, NatGeo ad spots, Subaru and as a dog trainer for the TV show Cesar Millan’s Asian Recruit.

For the past 14 years Patrick has carried out training and care-taking duties for the royal canines of HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana at Le Dix Palace.

DW Schmidtke co-founded K9 Dog Training Bangkok in 1996. A renown trainer and canine behaviorist in Australia, David spent decades developing cutting-edge training techniques while expanding his training classes throughout Victoria. In Thailand, he has trained for a select few VIP clients.

An expert protection trainer, David has been involved in the training of civil and private service dogs and has extensive knowledge and experience handling high-performance working dogs.

David presently serves as technical consultant to K9 Bangkok.