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Our training programs will help you bridge the understanding gap between dog and owner.  We provide solutions to problem behavior, obedience training and much more. To enroll in a course or find out more information, go here.

Dog training is much more than just sitting up to take a bow or jumping through hoops. Properly done, training will increase communication and understanding and create a bond between dog and master that will make the relationship meaningful and fulfilling for both. We offer obedience training, solutions for behavior problems and specialized training classes.

Obedience training shows you how your dog’s mind works and how he thinks. It gives your dog a chance to understand the rules of living in the human world and your family and what your expectations are for him.

A well-trained dog is a joy to have around, to take for walks, enjoy their company. This is the reason why most people decide to get a dog. If you’re not experiencing that type of relationship with your dog, it’s because training is the missing ingredient.

Obedience Classes

Our obedience classes are located at Camp K-9 Bangkok.

We hold classes on weekends and weekday mornings. Our classes run from beginner’s obedience all the way to advanced¬†level competition courses.

We accept dogs of all breeds and all ages and all personality types, with any problems.

  • Great start for a new puppy.
  • All the essentials for first time or new dog owners.
  • The best way to begin solving behavior and mental problems.
  • The first step to training and certification for a service dog, or competing at advanced level obedience.

Private Training

We can coach you and your dog in private one-on-one lessons at locations around town or in your home.

Behavior Solutions

We believe all dogs deserve a chance to keep their home

For more than a quarter of a century, Patrick Bundock and the K-9 Dog Training team has been the place to go for dog owners that must have results.

We solve all types of canine behavior problems from mild to severe displays of fear, human and dog directed aggression, excessive barking, destructive habits, and unruly behaviors.

Our training programs will change your dog’s behavior and will allow at-risk dogs to keep their home.

Specialized Training

  • Companion protection training.
  • Utility and service dog training and certification.
  • Scent detection training, foundation work for working dogs including imprinting.
  • Training for specialized actions, exhibition, performance, television and motion pictures.